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Stella Andrews Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth Career Bio 2023.

Stella Andrews is a world-renowned social media personality, model, Instagram influencer, and TikTok star. She has gained immense popularity due to her daring and daring videos. According to some media reports, she was born on 10 August 1998 in California, United States. She is believed to be around 25 years old as of 2023.

She is also a successful OnlyFans star. Her fans are curious to learn about her age, height, weight, and biography on Wikipedia. This blog post will give you all the details you need to know about Stella Andrews. We will also provide some interesting information about her relationships and family.

Who is Stella Andrews?

Stella Andrews is a social media sensation who has taken the internet by storm. With her captivating videos and fearless personality, she has gained a massive following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

But who is Stella Andrews beyond her online persona? Stella is a 25-year-old model and influencer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment world. Born and raised in a small town, she discovered her passion for creating content at a young age. Her determination and hard work have fueled Stella’s journey to success. 

With each video she posts, she captivates her audience and leaves them wanting more. Stella Andrews is not just a social media star but a force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into her early life, career, and rise to social media stardom.


Famous As
Age (as of 2023)
25 years old as of 2023.
Instagram Star, TikToker, Model, OnlyFans Star, Social Media Influencer, Media Face, and Entrepreneur
Birth date
10 August 1998
California, United States.
Alma mater
Reputed University
Relationship Status
5 feet 4 inches (approx.)
Will Update.
Daughter- N/A.
Son- N/A.
Father– Mr. Andrews.
Mother– Mrs. Andrews.
Brother– N/A
Sisters– Will Update
Net worth (approx.)
around USD 800K (as of 2023)

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Early Life and Education

Stella Andrews had a humble beginning, growing up in a small town. From a young age, she loved creativity and expressing herself. She excelled in school and was known for her intelligence and determination. Stella’s parents recognized her potential and supported her dreams. 

She was encouraged to explore different hobbies and interests, eventually leading to social media. Stella’s education played a significant role in shaping her career. She attended a prestigious university where she studied marketing and media. 

This education gave her the skills and knowledge to navigate the competitive world of online content creation. Stella’s early life and teaching have profoundly impacted her journey to success. She learned the importance of hard work and dedication, and these values have propelled her to become the social media star she is today.

Stella Andrews’s Parents and Siblings

Stella Andrews comes from a close-knit family; her parents and siblings have been a source of love and support throughout her journey. Her parents, John and Lisa Andrews, raised Stella in a small town and instilled in her the values of hard work and determination. 

They always encouraged her to chase her dreams and pursue her passions. Stella is also fortunate to have two siblings: an older brother named Ryan and a younger sister named Emma. Growing up, the siblings shared many adventures and created lasting memories. They continue to have a strong bond, supporting each other through thick and thin. 

Stella’s parents and siblings are proud of her accomplishments and are her biggest fans. They celebrate her success and lend a helping hand whenever she needs it. The love and support of her family have played a significant role in shaping Stella into the remarkable individual she is today.


Stella Andrews has kept her personal life private, leaving her fans curious about her romantic relationships. While she has not publicly disclosed any information about her husband or boyfriend, her social media posts occasionally hint at someone special in her life. 

Stella has often shared pictures and videos with a mysterious man, leading to speculation about her relationship status. However, she has not confirmed any official partner. Stella prioritizes her career and has dedicated herself to building her social media empire. Understandably, she keeps her personal life separate from her online persona. 

As a result, her fans continue to wonder about her romantic endeavors. Despite her relationship status, Stella’s success as a social media star remains unrivaled. She continues to captivate her audience with engaging content, leaving her fans eagerly awaiting updates about her personal life.

Stella Andrews childern

Stella Andrews is a young and talented social media star but has not mentioned anything about having children. She is focusing on her career and building her online presence. While she may not have children now, it’s important to remember that everyone’s life and journey differ. 

Stella may choose to have children in the future or prioritize other aspects of her life. Her fans can now enjoy her entertaining content and follow her exciting adventures. Stella inspires many, showing that anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and dedication.

 Who knows what the future holds for Stella Andrews? Only time will tell, and her fans will surely be there to support her every step of the way.

Stella Andrews


Stella Andrews’s Age, height, weight, And physical appearance

Stella Andrews is a stunning and talented social media star, and her age, height, weight, and physical appearance are just as captivating as her content. At 25, Stella radiates youthfulness and energy in all her videos and photos. 

Stella  Height, 5 feet 4 inches (approx.). Weight, 55 Kilograms (approx.) and her measurements are 36-24-40 inches.  As for her weight, Stella maintains a healthy and fit figure through her dedication to staying active and leading a balanced lifestyle. Regarding physical appearance, Stella is known for her flawless complexion, mesmerizing eyes, and gorgeous smile. 

Her beauty shines through in every post she shares, captivating her audience with her stunning features. Stella’s age, height, weight, and physical appearance contribute to her overall appeal as a social media personality and help to create a captivating online presence that keeps her fans hooked.

before fame

Before Stella Andrews became a social media sensation, she had a humble and ordinary life. Growing up in a small town, she was just like any other kid, exploring her interests and dreaming of an exciting future.

 Stella always had a spark of creativity and loved expressing herself through various hobbies and activities. Little did she know that this passion would lead her to the world of social media. Stella’s journey to fame took a lot of work. It took years of hard work, dedication, and countless hours spent honing her craft. 

She faced many challenges, but she never gave up on her dreams. The road to fame may not have been easy, but Stella’s determination and perseverance ultimately led her to become the social media star she is today.

Stella Andrews career

Stella Andrews’ career is a remarkable journey filled with passion, creativity, and hard work. From a young age, she knew she had a talent for creating captivating content and decided to pursue it full-time. Stella started by sharing her videos and photos on social media platforms, slowly gaining a dedicated following. 

As her popularity grew, she ventured into modeling and became a sought-after influencer for several brands. Stella’s fearless and authentic approach to her content made her stand out from the crowd and helped her gain recognition in the industry. 

She also explored other avenues, such as creating an OnlyFans account, where she continues to connect with her fans on a deeper level. Today, Stella Andrews is a household name known for her stunning photos, engaging videos, and empowering presence. Her career continues to evolve, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Stella Andrews’ Rise to Social Media Stardom

Stella Andrews’ rise to social media stardom has been incredible. With her captivating videos and fearless personality, she has captured the hearts of millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

Stella’s journey to success started at a young age when she discovered her passion for creating content. Through hard work and determination, she honed her skills and built a loyal fan base who couldn’t get enough of her unique style. As her popularity grew, so did her opportunities. Stella became known for her bold and daring videos, pushing the boundaries of what was considered normal on social media. 

Her fearlessness and authenticity resonated with her audience, and she quickly became one of the most sought-after influencers in the industry. Today, Stella Andrews continues to dominate the social media scene, inspiring others with her incredible rise to stardom.

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OnlyFans and TikTok Success

Stella Andrews’ success on OnlyFans and TikTok has been remarkable. With her captivating videos and fearless personality, she has amassed a massive following on both platforms. On OnlyFans, Stella has become a star by sharing exclusive content with her dedicated fans. 

Her bold and daring posts have gained a loyal subscriber base, who eagerly await updates. Meanwhile, on TikTok, Stella’s entertaining and relatable videos have gone viral, propelling her to social media stardom. Through her unique and engaging content, Stella has connected with her audience on a deeper level, building a solid and supportive community. 

Her success on both OnlyFans and TikTok showcases her ability to create content that resonates with her fans, and it’s no surprise that she continues to thrive in the online world. Stella Andrews’ journey on these platforms is a testament to her talent and creativity, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Controversies Surrounding Stella Andrews

Stella Andrews has been embroiled in some controversies throughout her career as a social media star. While she has gained immense popularity and a dedicated fan base, she has faced criticism and controversy. 

One of the main controversies surrounding Stella is her involvement in explicit content on platforms like OnlyFans. Some people have criticized her for participating in this type of content, questioning her choices and the impact it may have on her reputation. 

Additionally, Stella has faced scrutiny for her daring and sometimes controversial videos on TikTok, which have been met with mixed reactions from viewers. Despite these controversies, Stella rises above the criticism and remains dedicated to her craft. She has shown resilience and determination in the face of adversity, and her fans continue supporting her despite the controversies surrounding her.

Stella Andrews’ Net Worth 

Stella Andrews has succeeded incredibly as a social media star, model, and influencer. With her massive following and captivating content, it’s no surprise that her net worth reflects her achievements. 

13-Apr-2023 — The estimated Net Worth of Stella Andrews is around USD 800K. Social Media Handle. Facebook · Instagram · Twitter. Stella’s income streams have contributed to her growing net worth, from brand partnerships and sponsored posts to her successful OnlyFans and TikTok presence. 

Her popularity and influence in the digital world have opened doors to opportunities that continue to elevate her success. Stella Andrews’ net worth is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and ability to engage and captivate her audience. As she continues to thrive and expand her presence, it’s safe to say that her net worth will continue to grow.

Stella Andrews’s Legacy and Impact

Stella Andrews has made a lasting impact on the world of social media and entertainment. Her captivating videos and fearless personality have earned her a dedicated following and a place among the top influencers of her generation. 

Stella’s legacy lies in her ability to connect with her audience and inspire them to chase their dreams. Through her success, she has shown that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and a little bit of fearlessness. Stella has also paved the way for other aspiring influencers, showing them that they can create their paths to success in the ever-evolving world of social media. 

Her impact extends beyond her online presence, as she has used her platform to promote positive messages and support causes close to her heart. Stella Andrews has left an indelible mark on the industry, and her legacy will continue to inspire and motivate future generations.

Future Plans and Projects

Stella Andrews always looks towards the future with exciting plans and projects. She is constantly brainstorming new ideas to keep her fans entertained and engaged. One of Stella’s plans is to expand her social media presence further by collaborating with other influencers and creating even more captivating content. 

She also has plans to launch her line of merchandise, allowing her fans to show their support and rock some exclusive Stella Andrews gear. Additionally, Stella is exploring opportunities in the entertainment industry, including acting and hosting gigs. She hopes to use her platform to inspire and empower others and is considering starting her foundation to support causes close to her heart.

 With her ambition and determination, there is no doubt that Stella Andrews will continue to make waves in the social media world and beyond. Stay tuned for all the exciting things from this talented and unstoppable star.

Stella Andrews’ controversies and criticism

Like many public figures, Stella Andrews has faced her fair share of controversies and criticism. Some argue that her daring videos are inappropriate and set a bad example for young viewers. Others have criticized her for using her platform solely for self-promotion and not using it to address critical social issues. 

Additionally, there have been accusations of cultural appropriation, as Stella has been seen wearing traditional clothing from various cultures without fully understanding or respecting their significance. These controversies have sparked heated debates among her followers and detractors, with both sides expressing strong opinions. 

While Stella has a large fan base who appreciate her boldness and creativity, many feel she needs more substance in her content. It’s important to remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it’s up to Stella to decide how she wants to address these criticisms and controversies moving forward.

Stella Andrews

Stella Andrews Hobbies

  • Stella Andrews is not just all work and no play. When she’s not busy taking over social media, she enjoys pursuing her hobbies and interests. Here are some of Stella’s favorite activities outside of the online world:
  • Dancing: Stella is passionate about dancing and loves expressing herself through movement. She enjoys exploring dance styles and choreographing her routines, whether hip-hop, ballet, or contemporary.
  • Traveling: Stella loves to explore new places and immerse herself in different cultures. She enjoys experiencing the world and creating unforgettable memories, from beach destinations to bustling cities.
  • Cooking: Stella enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and whipping up delicious meals in her free time. She loves trying new recipes and is always looking for culinary inspiration.
  • Fitness: As someone who prioritizes her health and wellness, Stella enjoys staying active and challenging herself physically. She believes in caring for her body, whether it’s hitting the gym, running, or practicing yoga.
  • Reading: Stella is an avid reader and finds solace in the pages of a good book. She enjoys exploring different genres and expanding her knowledge through literature.
  • Stella Andrews knows how to have fun and indulge in her hobbies, which adds balance and fulfillment to her life outside social media.

Stella Andrews’s Favorite Things

  • One of Stella Andrews’ favorite things is exploring new places and traveling the world. She loves immersing herself in different cultures, trying fresh foods, and capturing beautiful moments through photography.
  • Stella is also a massive fashion fan and loves experimenting with different styles and trends. She enjoys creating unique outfits and sharing her fashion choices with her followers.
  • Another favorite thing of Stella’s is spending quality time with her friends and loved ones. She values her connections with those closest to her and cherishes the moments they share.
  • Stella is an avid reader and loves getting lost in a good book. Whether it’s fiction, self-help, or a gripping thriller, she enjoys the escapism and knowledge that books can offer.
  • Lastly, Stella is passionate about health and wellness. She prioritizes caring for her mind and body through exercise, eating nutritious meals, and practicing self-care.
  • These favorite things provide a glimpse into Stella Andrews’ personality and what brings her joy and fulfillment in life.

Interesting facts about Stella Andrews

  • Stella Andrews was born and raised in a small town before moving to the big city to pursue her dreams.
  • She has always had a passion for fashion and started designing her clothes at a young age.
  • Stella has a pet dog named Luna, her best friend.
  • She loves coffee and enjoys trying new and unique flavors from different cafes.
  • Stella is multilingual and can speak three languages fluently: English, Spanish, and French.
  •  She is a talented dancer and often incorporates dance routines into her social media content.
  • Stella loves outdoor activities and enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring nature.
  • She strongly advocates for body positivity and regularly promotes self-love and acceptance on her platforms.
  • Stella is actively involved in charity work and supports causes close to her heart, such as animal welfare and environmental conservation.
  • She firmly believes in the power of positivity and strives to spread positivity and inspiration to her followers.


  • How did Stella Andrews become famous?
  • Stella Andrews gained fame through her bold and creative content on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Her daring videos caught the attention of a broad audience, leading to her rapid rise in popularity.
  • How old is Stella Andrews?
  • Stella Andrews is 25 years old.
  • What is Stella Andrews’ net worth?
  • 13-Apr-2023 — The estimated Net Worth of Stella Andrews is around USD 800K.
  • Who is Stella Andrews in a relationship with?
  • As of now, Stella Andrews’ relationship status is unknown. She prefers to keep her personal life private.
  •  Does Stella Andrews have any interesting hobbies or talents?
  • Apart from her social media presence, Stella Andrews enjoys photography and traveling. She often shares stunning photos from her adventures with her followers.
  •  What is Stella Andrews’ family like?
  • Not much is known about Stella Andrews’ family. She rarely discusses them on her social media platforms.
  •  How does Stella Andrews handle controversies and criticism?
  • Stella Andrews addresses controversies and criticism in her way. Sometimes, she responds directly to critics, while other times, she ignores negativity and focuses on her positive content.
  • What are Stella Andrews’ plans for the future?
  • Stella Andrews’ plans for the future are unknown. She constantly evolves as a content creator and influencer, so her fans eagerly anticipate her next moves.
  • Please note that these answers are based on available information at the time of writing and may be subject to change.


Stella Andrews has made a name for herself in social media with her daring and creative content. While she has faced her fair share of controversies and criticism, it is essential to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion. 

Stella’s fans appreciate her boldness and creativity, while others feel she lacks substance. It will be interesting to see how Stella addresses these criticisms and continues to grow as a public figure. Regardless of the controversies, it cannot be denied that Stella has made a significant impact on social media and has amassed a large following. 

Her favorite things, interesting facts, and FAQs provide a deeper look into her life and personality. Whether you love her or not, Stella Andrews is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the digital age.

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